About us

Who we are and what prompted us to take this step.

That is who we are: Gerda and Dario, a couple - which like many other people - became tired of the monotonous, heteronomous life in an increasingly narrow Switzerland.

Photo of our wedding at the medieval market in Hinwil, 29.05.2015
Photo of our wedding at the medieval market in Hinwil, 29.05.2015

Both of us had a nice home in a smaller village, 22 km outside Zurich, and we also enjoyed the privilege of an unbeatable, sensational social environment... say "fantastic friends"!


We both worked in a large Swiss IT company. Keywords like: Workflow, concept, work-life balance, Meeting and Taskforce shaped our everyday life.

And as always in life, there were also good sides which, logically, were also shaped by consistently great work colleagues. At some point, however, you question your daily work. One consumes with the reason that one works for it... good for the economy... but also good for the planet? Good for the environment? Good for self-esteem? Well, we have come to the conclusion that this is not so for us in all respects. Just as little, as when big companies write the term sustainability on their banner, although it is simply no longer possible with the food quantities from all over the world, which are pumped into the shops, to always be sustainable.


But what was the alternative? Throw everything away and move around the world? Well, even that would only have been sustainable if Gerda would love to ride a bicycle. And on foot, no way ;-)


In the last 5 years we have started to travel more intensively through our big neighbour France. This led us from Corsica, via La Réunion, the south, the Ardéche to the Provence. We started to fall in love with this country. Of course we also knew that we had to learn French... at least enough to be able to communicate, this aspect we had already tackled after our first trip to Corsica. A plan matured slowly in our heads. Internet platforms for real estate were searched and found.


First ideas were: Near the sea, at least 4'000 sqm of land, at least 6 rooms for guests and if possible some fruit trees.


Chambre d' hôte (the French B&B) was now the idea, or also described as "Plan B".


In addition, artificial fertilizer and pesticide-free products from our own garden. What was really important to us became clear to us a little later.


We kept on searching, made plans and when we registered for a permaculture course at the "Chuderbode" in Lucerne, after participating it became clear: That's what we want! So nothing with a measly 4'000 sqm of land, we needed more! Of course the search became the more difficult the higher the demands grew.


We found what we were searching for and nothing would make us happier than to share our new experience with you.